Artemis Emslie Joins Ametros' Board of Directors

Wilmington, Mass. (May 17, 2018) — Artemis Emslie has become an independent member of the board of directors of Ametros. As a highly regarded thought leader in the industry, she will provide...

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Keeping a Startup Culture as You're Growing

On President’s day, I sat down with Porter Leslie, President of Ametros, to learn how in just two short years, Ametros managed to triple their team to nearly 70 employees while still maintaining...

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How to Make Sure You Settle Well

Leverage Ametros’ Post-Settlement Administration Tools

When settling future medical claims, injured parties can have quite a few questions: Read More

The 6 Best Achievements of 2017 at Ametros


By now, you’ve probably reflected on your 2017 accomplishments. Reflection is crucial for continued growth, and here at Ametros we wanted to share our best achievements. These are statistics...

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Best Practices from our Care Advocate Team

By Krista Johnson, Director of Special Programs

Ensuring the injured party is taken care of after settlement so that they can get the treatment and guidance they need is our number one priority. ...

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CareQuote: Real Pricing for Better Settlements

A central challenge to closing open medical claims is the lack of transparency into the future cost of healthcare.  Adjusters, attorneys and injured individuals have lacked a reliable source when...

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Amethyst: The Settlement Saver

Jordan Pfeiffer wasn't sure what to do. He'd fallen from a roof while on the job 4 years ago and sustained a significant spinal injury. His life had changed dramatically and so had his finances....

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Ametros Announces the Launch of New Websites and...

Ametros announces the launch of new websites and introduces two new breakthrough products, Amethyst and CareAssist.

At Ametros, we recognize that each settlement is unique and that each injured...

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New Ametros Amethyst Video

The Amethyst Healthcard links to your existing bank account and helps you maximize all of your care-related payments, but are always in complete control of your funds!

With Amethyst you have the...

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